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Believe it or not, our focus is not recycling. We learned that recycling has minimal impact at best regarding the climate crisis. However, recycling was the spark which activated our shift to a low waste mindset. In the process of learning how to identify and sort different types of waste we learned that if we reused and reduced more, we could increase the impact of recycling. Our volunteers, partners and community members enjoy meeting often for different events and activities. Passion and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand with everything we do! 

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We are passionately committed to cultivating

environmental education and service learning, igniting a transformative spark within individuals to embrace their roles as devoted stewards or our precious and Interconnected ecosystem..


To shape a sustainable youth inspired future by enhancing the community's social, economic, and environmental well-being. We strive to inspire a collective consciousness that transcends boundaries, fostering a harmonious and balanced future for the betterment of all.

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