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Organic Vegetable Farm

Show It's Worth, Help Us Love the Earth

Your generosity lets cool kids help a warm planet. Our organization uses recycling as a bridge to higher eco awareness. By incorporating student led activities with service learning, children develop a meaningful connection to the global community while building important social skills. Your donations are vital in helping our program acquire essential equipment, storage space and materials that will benefit multiple children and schools for generations to come. 

Donate: Donate

Our Recycling Rangers have worked hard to learn about human impact on the environment. They have investigated and reflected on their own role in this process while discovering the benefits of practicing high impact principles. Now it's time to put what they've learned into action. To make this vision a reality, we will purchase extrusion machinery to transition collected waste in 3D printed works of art. 

By decreasing the reproduction of unsustainable culture in our education system. we invite elements of societal wealth such as wellbeing. Whether small or large, your gift brings us one step closer to encouraging youth, inspiring humanity and building a brighter future.

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